Meetings 2016

Tuesday           12th      January     7.30pm

Tuesday           9th       February    7.30pm

Tuesday           8th       March       7.30pm

Tuesday           12th      April         7.00pm       To be followed at approx 8pm by the                                                                                                          Annual Parish Meeting

Tuesday           10th       May          7.00pm       Annual Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday           14th       June        7.30pm

Tuesday           12th      July          7.30pm

Tuesday           9h        August      7.30pm

Tuesday           13th     September  7.30pm

Tuesday           11th     October     7.30pm

Tuesday           8th       November  7.30pm

Tuesday           13th     December   7.30pm

Parish Council meetings to take place in the committee room, John Baker White Memorial Hall, other than the Parish Council meeting and the Annual Parish Meeting on 12th April which will be held in the main hall.


August and December meetings subject to cancellation